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Artificial Red is an exotic indica strain crossed with GMO and Red Pop. This strain will have a fruity and sugary aroma followed by a hint of skunk. The effects are out of this world and will have even the most experienced smokers feeling some type of way.


Strain Type: Indica

Lineage: GMO x Red Pop

Strain Effects: relaxed, cerebral

Strain Flavors: sweet, fruity, skunk



Cream Pop is a cross between Milk & Cookies and Red Pop. As one of the few strains with these genetics, Cream Pop will be sure to make your jaw drop. The balanced taste of sweet berry with a nutty cream onset creates a delicacy you can’t resist. The effects will leave you laughing, calm, and uplifted. A MUST try. The buds are a deep purple, covered in orange hairs.

This strain is recommended for those looking for full body relaxation.


Strain Type: Hybrid

Lineage: Milk & Cookies x Red Pop

Strain Effects: relaxed, uplifting, giggly

Strain Flavors: nutty, creamy, berry


Lift your spirits and get in a creative headspace with Blue Dream. This sativa strain is a cross of Blueberry and Haze. The bright green buds are covered in orange hairs. 

This strain is recommended for those suffering from nausea, depression, and chronic pain.  


Strain Type: Sativa

Lineage: Blueberry x Haze

Strain Effects: relaxed, uplifting, creative

Strain Flavors: sweet, earthy, and fruity

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